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Quick Post


 June 3 x 2

Calorie Count: 185


June 3 2June 3 3

Calorie Count: 135

Lunch: minus the apple and 100 calorie pack (and the pb got in the picture!)

 Food Blog May June 3 001 + leftover pasta-30 calories for a different pasta sauce

Calorie Count: 480

Today we went to fun day.  And I got this face painting.  Our mascot is a bee so this was perfect!

  Food Blog May June 3 004

Dinner was pizzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaa!

This yummy pizza from Trader Joe’s. 

Food Blog May June 3 005 Food Blog May June 3 006 Food Blog May June 3 007 Food Blog May June 3 009

Food Blog May June 3 010

I had three small pieces

Calorie Count: 520

Total Calories Today: 1320

some basil from my garden! I told the husband this while walking out the door.  I love love love having a garden even if it is in pots. 

Food Blog May June 2 006 

I also picked another cucumber 🙂

 Food Blog May June 2 007       

Tonight was penne pasta with tomato basil marinara sauce (I had to make alfredo for the husband since he doesn’t like “red sauce”).  I made salads with a lettuce mix, blue cheese and I had fat free balsamic vinaigrette, and the husband had ranch (picky much?).  Anyway…

3/4 uncooked penne (serving size)= 1 cup cooked penne

Food Blog May June 2 004

Italian Chicken Sausage (5 links)/ 5 servings

Food Blog May June 2 001Food Blog May June 2 002

Food Blog May June 2 010Food Blog May June 2 009

1/2 cup marinara sauce

Food Blog May June 2 003Food Blog May June 2 008

Food Blog May June 2 013Food Blog May June 2 014

salad with ff dressing and blue cheese (40 calories)

Food Blog May June 2 012

Calorie Count: 430

I also hard boiled 6 eggs for quick protein.  70 calories per egg.  Boiled like this: How to make the best hard boiled eggs

Food Blog May June 2 005Food Blog May June 2 011

I then went to Body Pump.  Surprisingly, my dinner didn’t feel like a rock in my stomach! The squat track was super hard tonight.  My quads are still burning!

-600 calories

Before dinner, around 3, I had a cup of red pitted cherries.  Eating them like this is easy because you can put the stem and pit back in the cup.

June 2 10June 2 11 

Calorie Count: about 84

I finished the night off with satisfying a killer chocolate craving!

Food Blog May June 2 015Food Blog May June 2 016     

180 calories per 1/2 cup

Calorie Count: 180

Total Calories today: 1254

Notice that I do not subtract the amount of calories I burn during class from my calorie intake.  It just makes me aware of it.  It also makes me feel like I can have treats because I worked out.  Not because “I deserve it,” but because I burned calories and can eat more calories.  I hate when people get into the “I deserve it” mindset.  It gets you into trouble.  You shouldn’t eat like a pig because you think you “deserve it” after working out, but you can eat portioned treats and enjoy yourself without guilt.

Comp Time

Today is a little strange.  I had some comp time built up at work and had to take it.  I went in from 8:15-10 and then came home.  It feels like I’m skipping school!

This morning I ate a banana with chocolate pb in the middle.

June 2 9

Calorie Count: 190

I did laundry, cleaned the fridge and freezer out and picked up around the house.  Whew did my refrigerator need to be cleaned out.   I also checked all of the expiration dates and cleaned out things that were close to expiring.

June 2 4

At 12:30 I stopped and made lunch.

A turkey sandwich on TJ’s high fiber bread with roasted turkey and muenster cheese.

June 2 8 June 2 6


June 2 5 June 2 2

June 2 3June 2

And 10 baked salt and vinegar chips.

Calorie Count: 370

My bananas were on their last leg so I peeled and chopped them up.  I put them in the freezer to use for smoothies later. 

June 2 7 

Off to fold laundry and watch “The Office.”

Total Calories so far: 560

Here is a recap from dinner Sunday to today




Food Blog May 30 004 Food Blog May 30 005

Food Blog May 30 006 Food Blog May 30 011

Food Blog May 30 014 Food Blog May 30 015

Food Blog May 30 018 Food Blog May 30 019

Food Blog May 30 021 Food Blog May 30 022

Calorie Count: n/a



Food Blog May 30 001

Calorie Count: 185

Snack after Body Pump (-600+ calories)

Food Blog May 30 026

Calorie Count: 165


McDonald’s’ Dollar Menu (best cure after beer!)

McDouble and Fries (not pictured)

Calorie Count: 505

Dinner: Chili’s Margarita Chicken and a few tortilla chips (I didn’t touch the skillet queso and ordered salsa instead!-go me!)

May 31 may 31 2

Calorie Count: 530

Kiddie Cup of icecream (not pictured)

Calorie Count: n/a

Total for Monday: 1550 – 600 for body pump + kiddie cup of icecream


Breakfast: Banana and half of a Clip Mojo PB Pretzel Bar

Food Blog May 31 004

Calorie Count: 205

Snack: WW Key Lime Yogurt and string cheese

Food Blog May 29 006

This is an old picture.  I just wanted to show the yogurt.

Calorie Count: 150

Lunch: Shrimp with Pasta and Vegetables, 100 calorie pack of Dorito’s and Cheese Its

Food Blog May 31 002

And a few pieces of cucumber from the garden.  One piece was not good (past its date?) and I was done with them.  Bleh!

Food Blog May 31 001

Food Blog May 31 003

and my zero calorie drinks.

Calorie Count: 460

Dinner: We got to preview the new Chick- fil-a spicy chicken sandwich! We brought our invitations and got free meals!! Woo hoo! It was spicy and awesome!

We had fries with it and a diet Dr. Pepper.  Chick -fil-a has the best ice and the best diet dr. pepper!  I get it every time I go 🙂

june 1 june 1 2

may 31 3

Calorie Count: 870- ouch! but it was a special occasion!

For dessert:

Food Blog May 25 016

Calorie Count: 100

Total Calorie Count: 1785

Lucky 7

So I started out at 154.8 (give or take a few ounces) and I am now down 7 pounds!! Woo hoo! All of that working out is starting to pay off!

This morning I ate a piece of TJ’s high fiber bread with almond butter and honey. 

Food Blog May 30 001

Calorie Count: 185

We have a birthday cookout tonight at Tara’s parent’s house tonight which will include cornhole and probably hot dogs and hamburgers.  There will be a lot of the husbands coworkers there so it should be a lot of fun!

For lunch I had a coupon for a free salad from McDonald’s so I got it to go.  I got the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad with Southwest Dressing.

Food Blog May 30 003 Food Blog May 30 002

Calorie Count: 420