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Need more sleep?

I hate when I sleep too long.  I’m sure I need it, but the longer I sleep, the more tired I feel when I wake up.  I feel like a truck has hit me.  I don’t have to be at work until one so I slept until about 9. 

On the menu this morning was Cinnamon Pumpkin Oats!

DSC_0156That’s 1/3 cup of oats, 1/3 cup (maybe a little less) of Libby’s Canned Pumpkin (not the pie filling) and a small handful of TJ’s country pumpkin granola and a half sheet of cinnamon graham cracker crumbled.  It was delicious!

I am going to lounge around a bit more and then get ready for work/eat lunch. See ya in a bit!


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So I do this little trick sometimes to get more water in.  I found this on the Weight Watchers boards when I was doing the program.  You get a pitcher and fill it halfway with ice, put two tea bags in and then fill the rest with ice. Pour water until it fills the top of the pitcher and then wait.  In about an hour or so, you have water with a slight flavor.  I need to drink more water and plan to get some after this post.


Also, make sure to set a kitchen towel underneath because it sweats a lot!

I was getting hungry and it was still a few hours until dinner so I had an apple with super chunky pb and a cup of chocolate soy milk (can’t help it I’m addicted!) and I read a little of this book.  It is a book on different uses for the things already in your home such as cleaners, stuff to get gum out of hair, how to get blood out of clothes with Coca Cola, etc.  It’s pretty neat and was on sale at Barnes and NobleDSC_0146

DSC_0147I marinated these turkey burgers (the ground turkey was from Aldi) for about 10 minutes with a little salt and pepper.DSC_0150

DSC_0152DSC_0153DSC_0154We grilled them and then grilled the pineapple towards the end.  I served it with pineapple slices on the side and one on the actual burger with a whole wheat bun from the Harris Teeter. My camera just died so it will be charging for a while. 

Brandon sprayed some grub worm killer in our yard tonight because they are out in full force and are nasty.  Their disgusting guts are all in our garage.  Hopefully this will do the trick.  I am going to shower and watch tv/maybe read/probably play on the computer more.  Have a good night!

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I’m a cleaning machine

I am finally finished cleaning my house.  I started at about 8:30 and worked until around 12 straight.  My house looks great.  Of course, there is always more ways I could organize, but that can wait.  You could eat off of any surface in my house it is so clean!

Before cleaning I hate a bowl of Whole Foods Apple Cinnamon Morning O’s and unsweetened skim milk. I also had a cup of Organic Valley chocolate soy milk after. This is the first best chocolate soy milk I have tried.  It is absolutely delicious.  I also bought this at Whole Foods if you are looking for a new soy milk. 


After all of my cleaning I stopped for some leftover Little Caesars pizza.  I ate two pieces…hey, it could be worse!


And had to deal with this bad cute cat all day.  She has really gotten to big for her britches with jumping on everything!!


Yep, that is Zoey in our couch!

Tonight, I have a yummy dinner planned, so check back for the recipe!!

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Busy bee

Last night we went to On the Border.  It twas delicious.  I have been trying to eat better so I got the chicken and grilled vegetable fajitas (like I used to get on WW) that came with four tortillas.  I split the meal in half.  I ate two at dinner and then took the other two for lunch today. It really helps to ask the waitress for a box early on so that you are not tempted to eat anymore.  We got queso and chips which I usually would eat twelve (again like on WW),but their chips are so big, I only ate about half of that.

We then went to a local hole in the wall (those are the best) icecream place.  Before, I would get two scoops in a waffle cone.  Last night I got one scoop in a cup.  So I’m cutting calories where I can.  The fajitas were delicious again for lunch.

Tomorrow and Wednesday morning our office is closed,  so I am doing a thorough cleaning of our house and relaxing.  I have a magazine and Desperate Housewives episode to catch up on.  Oh yeah, tonight I got a quick hair cut too.  Just a trim, nothing crazy.  I’ll see you guys tomorrow while cleaning!

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Wearing my soft jeans

Ugh I am a big bloated whale today.  Wearing my soft American Eagle jeans because they are definately the most comfortable jeans I own. 

I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and waited for lunch.  I wasn’t really that hungry so I held out.  The husband wanted McDonald’s so I went after my trip to the dreaded Wal-Mart.  I had some coupons for some make up and that is the closest place by.  Turns out they didn’t have two of the things I wanted but I did get some pretty Neutrogena lip gloss in First Blush.

I got a Big Mac and small fries for the husband and I got a Southwest Salad with grilled chicken.  Well, I thought it was a Southwest salad until I got it and the sticker on the salad said “Bacon Ranch,” but it had the southwest dressing and chicken with it.  It had bacon, so I ate around it and only used half of the dressing packet.  I had checked the bag too, and saw the Southwest dressing and thought I was good.   The salad was good, and his big mac looked good as well.  We are going to On the Border tonight so I didn’t want to spend a lot of calories on lunch.

The Southwest Bacon Ranch Salad DSC_0139

It is now 3:37pm and I am considering a little snack so that I am not starving by the time we eat dinner at 5.  I am off of work Tuesday because my boss has a meeting or something so it is Cleaning Spree 2009 in my house!  The husband will be at work so I can turn on my radio and really clean the house.  We are doing like 6 loads of laundry today so hopefully I won’t have to do any on Tuesday.

I am thinking of fajitas tonight so I can split it in half and have some for lunch tomorrow…

Hope you guys have a good rest of the weekend!

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Shhh…I need quiet

This morning the cat would not stop bothering us. She was purring too much so we kicked her out and then she pawed at the door forever. She loves to play in the morning and I wanted to sleep in. I finally just got up. Then the husband decided to play the “Party Favorites” channel on our tv. So it’s loud music like Chaka Khan and Bob Marley. Cat + husband = migraine!!
This morning oatmeal was on the agenda.
The mix was steel cut oats and old fashioned oats, a splash of soy milk and too much water. I made these a little too runny and was not a fan. I basically ate the layer with toppings, bananas and a sprinkled oatmeal cookie!

Today we are having going to a birthday party (this man at our church is turning 80) and then going to the State Game. I am nervous about the game because it is supposed to be rainy all night.
We have ponchos, but getting wet jeans off is an act of Congress. I am off to finish getting ready and take some Advil for my headache. Have a good (and dry) Saturday!

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Friday funday

I got my hair colored all over today, not just halo highlights like the usual.  It is darker for the fall and I love it.  I went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and got some good deals.  They have this coupon flyer called “The Whole Deal” and it has lots of good coupons in it.  I have fun new things to try! I really stuck to the coupons, because Whole Foods can get pricey if you don’t watch it. 

We went to Kanki Japanese Steakhouse where they had a steak special for $9.99 and its usually at least $16.  It was delicious.  We then walked around the mall a bit and went to Barnes and Noble. I didn’t have my eye on anything, but the husband got the new Dan Brown book.  We both got something from Starbucks.  I got a skinny pumpkin spice latte meaning fat free milk and no whipped topping.  I didn’t even miss it.  Why not cut calories where you can?  I need to do this more!!


The loot from Whole Foods.


This is a cute funny from last Sunday’s paper that is staying on my fridge.  Something to keep in mind when going for something to eat!


Zoey decided to sit by the tub while I put up laundry.  She is just too cute!


I made some peanut butter cookies.  I substituted white wheat flour for regular while, light butter for regular, organic brown sugar for dark brown sugar…

They are delicious!  Here is the original recipe that I modified: http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1924647


I got impatient for dinner so I didn’t let them cool enough and a few cracked. Oh well, still delicious!

Before: I just woke up, sorry the pic is a little blurry!DSC_0117DSC_0135

This is after.  I was hot and put my hair up.  It is definately darker, but I really like it!  I am off to watch tv/fall asleep while doing so. 

Tomorrow is supposed to rain during the football game.  I really do not want to do anything tomorrow, but sleep.  Oh well, I’ll make it.

Excited to try new food items! Have a good night!

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