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Happy Halloween everyone!   With today being  Halloween and my love for everything pumpkin, I decided to make a pumpkin smoothie.

pics2009 535

The recipe:

1 1/4 cup unsweetened TJ’s soymilk

1/4 cup organic canned pumpkin (do not use pumpkin pie filling)

1 container (6oz) of Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie yogurt

 (I had one left and I figured it would taste better mixed with other things)

1 tablespoon agave nectar

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

a splash (maybe a tablespoon?) of fat free vanilla coffee creamer

4-5 icecubes

It is very very pumpkin-y.  Which I love.  The husband wasn’t a fan, but that is just because  he is jealous of pumpkin and I’s relationship 😉

pics2009 525

pics2009 526

pics2009 531

pics2009 534

pics2009 536

Check out the other pumpkin finds in my house:

pics2009 522

I got this plate at Kirkland’s yesterday for $5.  pics2009 523

pics2009 489

pics2009 394

And this little one is excited about our first trick or treaters at our home!

pics2009 335

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!


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This morning I woke up at about 6:30 because the husband was getting ready for work and I just couldn’t sleep anymore.  I made him an omelet (just cheese, we ran out of ham) (I know I’m an awesome wife) and then started cleaning.  I swept the floors, swiffered, did dishes, ran the dishwasher, the second load of laundry is in the washer, got together all of my Halloween candy (we have a lot!), cleaned my kitchen, and it’s only 9:30am.  I still have folding laundry, clean the bathroom and steam some clothes.

Once the floors dried I let Zoey out of the guest bathroom.  This is where I found her

pics2009 518

She’s rotten.

The husband are going to the mall today, Old Navy, Best Buy and maybe the farmer’s market.  Tonight we are going to a cookout at the school then the football game.  I am so excited about Trick or Treaters tomorrow.  I have a bunch of candy and I can’t wait for Brandon and I to go to the door for our first trick or treaters.  We are so stoked. 

I finally got hungry around 9 and drank a glass of chocolate soy milk and half of this:

pics2009 519

pics2009 520

An Amazing Grass organic green superfood chocolate whole food energy bar.  The chocolate around the bar is dark and rich.  I am going to save the other half for when I am finished cleaning.  It definately full of  “greens,” which took a few bites to get used to, but I enjoyed it.  Back to cleaning!

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National Chocolate Day

For dinner we had Salmon Belle Mer cakes/patties. Listen to the description of this:
“Alaskan Salmon stuffed with a savory blend of long grain rice, surimi crab meat, monterey jack cheese, bay shrimp and seasonings.” It was so good!

pics2009 496

pics2009 501

I also made a pasta salad side with TJ’s vegetable medley and Tuscan dressing. I cooked the medley in a wok and then lelet it cool a bit. I then mixed the dressing (maybe 1/2 cup? eyeballed) with the pasta and set it in the fridge until cold.

pics2009 502

pics2009 506

pics2009 513

I also made a pumpkin bread with a mix from Trader Joes. Can you see the trend here? What is one of my favorite stores? Anyone? Bueller?
The husband and I dusted all of our baseboards in the house. Teamwork! And now I am watching DVRed episodes of The Office and getting ready to eat a piece of pumpkin bread.

And here it is:

pics2009 492

pics2009 493

pics2009 515

pics2009 517

Also, today is National Chocolate Day!  So go get yourself a piece of dark chocolate (it is the best one for you) and enjoy this holiday!

I might be getting into this later to celebrate!

pics2009 349

Green and Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate.  MMMM!

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Amazing Grass

Look what was sent to me on Monday!


An awesome package from Amazing Grass!

They sent me all of these food powders and bars and I can’t wait to try them.  Amazing Grass has become a new favorite product of mine and I usually drink a kids Superfood pack every morning with soy milk.  I let the packet dissolve in about 1oz of water first and then add the soy milk.  The problem with that was it still had some chunks of powder that I had to stir some more at the end. 

But that problem is solved!  Check out the cool shaker I recieved!!!!



Check out all of the packet choices/flavors:DSC_0053

Berry Green Superfood, Chocolate Green Superfood, Green Superfood, Organic Wheat Grass powder, Berry Kidz Superfood-which is a new one I tried yesterday and it is wonderful.  I love love love the Kidz Superfood packets!

Amazing Meal Original Packets, Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango, Amazing Meal Chocolate Packets, Green Superfood Organic Energy Bar, Chocolate Organic Enery Bar, Berry Green Superfood Organic Energy Bar, and the Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate Organic Energy Bar. 

I am so excited to have new products/snacks and will review them as I eat them.  I have already tried the Kidz Superfood packets and I love them so I can’t wait to try the others! 

If you would like to try some Amazing Grass products go here: www.amazinggrass.com and enter in this coupon code when you check out: healthy123 and recieve 15% off of your order!

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Oats in a jar

I have the day off from work since we aren’t that busy.  I scheduled a Dr’s appointment so I wouldn’t take any time from work.  I got my thyroid checked last Friday from the recommendation of my dermatologist and am waiting for the bloodwork results. 

Today, I am going to get an ultrasound of my thyroid.  Weird!  I googled it and it is just like an ultrasound for pregnant women except your neck is extended for a long period of time. 

I also plan on going to Target 😉

Currently I am listening to Pandora online radio and eating this:

Oats in a Jar:



1/3 cup Country Choice Old Fashioned Oats

2/3 cup water

5 semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 almost empty jar of Blue Diamond Crunchy Almond Butter

It was so good.  I scraped out everything I could.  Now I’m off to shower and get ready.  My appointment is at 12:45, but I have to show up to do new patient paper work.  Then it’s off to Target 🙂

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Pumpkin Patch

The husband and I decided to pick out some pumpkins for our front porch.  We headed to a local pumpkin patch and took some pictures. 

It was really cold, but so much fun.  We are all about buying local here and those pumpkins were only $4 a piece. Awesome!

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POM Wonderful

I put in a request to try out some of POM Wonderful’s products and got this in return

pics2009 448

pics2009 455

A case of POM Wonderful and some great health/product information from Kristen at POM Wonderful! Yay!

So I tried it and it is awesome.  Here are a few highlights from the information that was sent to me:

pics2009 458

“All natural and contains no added sugars, preservatives, colors or other cheap filler juices.”

“We grow our own fruit, pick it by hand, squeeze it with our own proprietary presses and even manufacture our own bottles!”

Pom Wonderful has wonderful health benefits such as “cardivascular health, prostate health, erectile function, and antioxident potency.”

Under the antioxident blurb this was stated “Hundreds of scientific tests also show POM to be a superior source of antioxidents, with more and better antioxidents than red wine, grape juice, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, green tea, vitamin C and vitamin E.”

If you want a healthier juice, that is backed by science, I highly recommend this product!

Also check out this awesome drink I made:

pics2009 426

Albero Sparkling White Wine from Trader Joes and POM Wonderful. About one part juice to three parts wine.

pics2009 428

pics2009 429

pics2009 430

pics2009 446

pics2009 434

pics2009 439

The juice mixed with the sparkling wine was just a great combination!  I see me mixing it with sparking water in the future!

I am going to go enjoy my juice.  I can’t wait to try more of their products!  There is an iced coffee I’d love to review as well 😉 (Feel free to send me anything you like Kristen). 

For more information about their health benefits and products visit www. pomwonderful.com

I am so glad that I have recieved such an awesome/health conscious product.  If you drink juice or want to try something that’s better for you, get some POM Wonderful products!

PRODUCT GIVEAWAY: Post a comment and get put in for a drawing for a POM Wonderful prize!


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