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Lazy Day

I still have four days (including today) until I’m back to the real world.  Speaking of the real world, the new season is out and the husband and I dvr-ed it last night.  Yes, we always watch the drama of “The Real World.”  We can’t help it, we are sucked in.  We like watching reality tv.  Just don’t tell anyone k?

This morning was spent taking down Christmas decorations and the tree.  It’s kind of sad, but I am looking forward to a new year.  I hope the amount of celebrity deaths decreases this year.  It was a crazy/unfortunate year for that.  I wish celebrities would learn from others in that doing a lot of drugs is just short lived happiness pain relief.  I am glad I will never do any drugs!

Anywho, on a lighter note…check out these awesome boots my Mamal gave me. 

They are real leather and DSCN0099I’m stoked that they fit!  They will look awesome with a skirt.  That just means I will just have to go shopping and find one.  Oh poor me 😉

And check out Zoey in her cuteness.  Yes friends, she was just licking my shower door, but she is so cute I can’t stay mad.


Here is the yummy cookbook that I am excited about. Going to be making lots of recipes out of it this year.


And here is my latest confession.  I have been advised that I should read this. 


I have NEVER been a fan of “fad” books: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings…etc.  I was told that it is completely different and I should read it.  I’m 60 pages in, and it’s pretty good so far.  I am not making any final judgments and I won’t say I like it until I’ve finished it and want the second one 😉

Hope you all enjoy your Thursday!


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So we ran a bunch of errands today, one to my favorite store eva- Barnes and Noble.  I picked up this

Cooking Light Cookbook

I am thinking of cooking a bunch of recipes in the new year from this book.  I don’t want to commit to doing the whole book because if I don’t finish it, I would feel like I failed.  So we will just see what happens 😉

The husband and I want to lose some weight.  I know I know, everyone makes New Years resolutions and keeps them for about a month, but we are not calling this a New Years resolution.  Just a simple goal.  Our jeans are getting tighter and we have eaten too many Cook Out milkshakes and good food in 2009.  Hopefully by cooking out of the cookbook will lead us to some health.

We have also decided to not eat out unless it is with the husband’s parents.  We eat out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (with his parents).  Okay okay, you can lift your jaws off of the floor now.  And we get milkshakes/other goodies throughout the week.  And you wonder why we feel like big fat fatties? Hmmm…

So we are looking to get some health/wealth this year by saving money and losing weight.  I am excited about cooking more and playing my new Wii Active.  It has workouts, yoga, resistance training, etc.  I miss having loose jeans and would like to go shopping in my closet. 

My parents came over tonight and saw our house.  I love our house and we got a really good deal on it.  It’s hard fun being adults and having a house of our own.  I am off to plan out meals and shopping lists for next week 🙂

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I slept so good in our bed last night. Don’t get me wrong, the air mattress at Mamal’s was fine, but there is nothing like your own bed.  This morning I made some coffee using my new Bodum French Press.  I used my coffee pot to heat the water.  I really need a tea pot. 

Christmas 2009 156

Christmas 2009 157

Christmas 2009 158

Christmas 2009 159 

Christmas 2009 160

The coffee was just meh.  I like mine a little stronger so I have to mess with it more to make the perfect cup.

I also made these.  They must only sell these up North.  I’ve never seen them down here.  We used to eat them all the time as kids. 

Christmas 2009 161

The husband didn’t really like the bite I gave him.  He doesn’t know good hot cereal when he sees it 😉

Christmas 2009 162

I am a huge fan of their consistency and texture.  And the fact that they are chocolate!!!

We are going to Cary today to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and Target.  Then hanging around until my parents stop by to see our new house for a few minutes.

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Adventures from Ohio

Christmas 2009 069

Christmas 2009 070

Christmas 2009 071

The husband in front of my Mamal and Pap’s house freezing

Christmas 2009 074

On the way to some stores in Sardis (okay there are only 2)

Christmas 2009 076

My sister, Kayla, and I

Christmas 2009 078

The little Amish store

Christmas 2009 079

Ables Cheese has been there forever

Christmas 2009 080

I won 4 bucks on two lottery tickets here and got some free samples of different cheeses.  They discontinued my favorite-Pizza Cheese.

The Post Office.  They have PO Boxes that they have to drive to in order to get their mail.  Yep, and they just got 911.  No,  I’m not kidding.

Christmas 2009 081

Christmas 2009 124

Christmas 2009 126

Christmas 2009 127

Mamal and Pap’s house

Christmas 2009 129

Christmas 2009 131

Christmas 2009 136

That is the hill we drove up on the way home

Christmas 2009 143

The church my family used to go to

Christmas 2009 146

Christmas 2009 149

Christmas 2009 151

Christmas 2009 155

On Sunday we went to this place called Quick Lube?  It was a wings and lube place.  The “lube” means beer.  We got a lube tube which is this…


100 ounces of beer and then we got one more (crazy right?)  Let’s just say I’m a lightweight and was smiling a lot at lunch.  We also got wings, onion rings and pickle chips.  Holy yum!


Ohio was super fun.  I am glad I got to see some family, snow and the casino.  We had a blast and I’m so glad the husband fits in so well with my family 🙂

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Woke up at 6:00 this am (could have slept until noon) and we are off to Ohio to see my parents (they are driving up there separate from us), my uncle and cousin, my sister and my grandparents. 

Let me explain why I’m so sleepy…

Here is a recap from yesterday.  The husband and I always open our presents Christmas Eve. Then Christmas morning we go to his grandmother’s house and open gifts with his mom’s side of the family.  Since we now have our first only home, we did Christmas with his parent’s and dad’s side of the family that evening. 

I’ve been cooking up a storm for two days for this party.  When I do a party get together, I do it right. 

Here are some pictures from before the party and the recipes to go with them…

Apple Orchard Punch

Christmas 2009 119

Christmas 2009 120

Christmas 2009 121

Ranch Oyster Crackers

Christmas 2009 115

Christmas 2009 116

Easy Oreo Truffles

About to crush up the oreos

Christmas 2009 082

Christmas 2009 083 
Hey Diane, look at what I’m using!

Christmas 2009 084 

Oreo and cream cheese mixture

Christmas 2009 085


Christmas 2009 088

Dipped in chocolate with oreo crumbled on top

Christmas 2009 102

Christmas 2009 108

Clean slate

Christmas 2009 089

Tangy Cheese Ball

Christmas 2009 100

Christmas 2009 107

Christmas 2009 114

Orange Balls

Christmas 2009 090

Christmas 2009 091

Christmas 2009 092

Christmas 2009 094

Christmas 2009 110

Mexican Dip

Sour cream , cumin, and refried beans mixed together

Layer more sour cream on top

Add shredded cheese

Add salsa

Make it pretty by spreading chips around

I know some people don’t like guacamole or jalapenos, but if it was just my dip I’d add those to it

Christmas 2009 117

Red Velvet cupcakes made with egg whites instead of eggs out of the box

Christmas 2009 097

Christmas 2009 098

Christmas 2009 105

Decorated with my new Pampered Chef tools 🙂

Christmas 2009 001 

Christmas 2009 003

Christmas 2009 010

Christmas 2009 013

Christmas 2009 112

It’s all about presentation!

Christmas 2009 122

Christmas 2009 123

I was so exhausted and happy that my in laws helped clean up.

Then it was off to Ohio to see my grandparents the next morning.

Christmas 2009 015

Pilot Mountain

Christmas 2009 018

Christmas 2009 021

Christmas 2009 022

Christmas 2009 025

Christmas 2009 026


Christmas 2009 038

Christmas 2009 039

Christmas 2009 040

Dug into the Peanut Butter Balls!

Christmas 2009 041

We didn’t win 😦

Christmas 2009 042

Update: On Monday I won 4 bucks on two scratch offs in Ohio! 🙂

Another tunnel

Christmas 2009 044

Christmas 2009 045

One side of the mountains

Christmas 2009 049 

Capital Building in WV

Christmas 2009 052 

Christmas 2009 055

Christmas 2009 059

Christmas 2009 061

Christmas 2009 062

Christmas 2009 063

Christmas 2009 064 

Christmas 2009 065

Christmas 2009 067

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The girls on Sex in the City participate in SSB: Secret Single Behavior.  It’s what girls do when the guys are away.  It’s secret because it’s something they usually don’t do in front of them, but like to do alone. In one episode Miranda covered her hands in Vaseline, put gloves on and watched tv.  Tonight was my night for some SSB. 

The husband was off getting a haircut and I had such a long day, I decided not to go with him.  We usually have dinner at the in laws and then get hair cuts.  I get one every other time because I’m trying to grow mine out. 

My SSB consisted of this:

Fall 2009 148

A heavenly sub from Jersey Mike’s

Fall 2009 147

The crossword puzzle which I attempt every night at dinner (yes, I’m a grandma!)

And these showed up at my door!

Fall 2009 144Fall 2009 146 


Thanks pop chips!

And then this happened…

Fall 2009 149

Zoey’s SSB

Fall 2009 152

Zoey loves laundry!

Fall 2009 154

But, not the camera flash!

Fall 2009 155

Fall 2009 156

Fall 2009 157

Fall 2009 158

Fall 2009 159

Then a lovely bath…

Fall 2009 160

With this…

Fall 2009 161

This bubble bath from Victoria’s Secret smells amazing!

Fall 2009 162

I read these in the bath and then this happened…

Fall 2009 163 

I’m so bad at painting my toenails.  I usually just paint the area around the nail too then take it off with nail polish remover and a Q-Tip.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blog.  Things have been CAH-RAZZZY! at work and I’ve been too tired to do anything!  Hope to keep up with this more!

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