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So tonight is going to be sad.  LOST is airing for the last time.  Brandon first introduced me to LOST when we were dating.  We watched all of the seasons together.  Every episode.  So tonight is the end of one of our favorite shows.  Hopefully it leaves me a little less confused.

Let’s rewind to today. Two words:  Carb overload.

This morning I had one of my Mamal’s famous rolls.  My parents brought them down on their way back from Ohio where my grandparents live. 

Here is a picture of my yummy breakfast:

Food Blog May 23 002

I only ate one of those rolls BTW. 

This is what dreams are made of…

Food Blog May 23 001

Oh yeah.  Found this at Kroger. Holy yum!

Food Blog May 23 005 

Heated up for 10 seconds then the chocolate heaven was added.  Delish!

Food Blog May 23 006 

Sidebar: Last night we went to the mall and I got this rug at Kirkland’s for $10!!! Love it! 🙂

Food Blog May 23 007

After the mall we ate at Mellow Mushroom.  Hands down the best pizza I have ever had.  I love that place.

I got a small mega veggie (hold the black olives) and the husband got the small hawaiian.

Food Blog May 23 009

It has onions, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, banana peppers, cheese, tofu, and sauce.  Soooooooo good.

After breakfast I lounged around with these guys. 

Food Blog May 23 008

I read my “Health” magazine while eating pizza. Don’t judge 😉

We did some laundry and then I went to RPM (spinning class).

Total brain fart! Most of my gym classes start at a 30. As in 3:30, 4:30, 5:30…

Except on Sundays when class starts at 3! D’oh! So I went a half hour early.

I worked out on the elliptical and arc trainer (super tough, but burned way more calories than the elliptical). I did a mile in 12 minutes. Not too shabby for someone who never works out on an elliptical.

I then had my hour spinning class. It was pretty tough.  We had a lot of “climbing the mountain” moments in class today.  What’s awesome of that class is that a 120 pound woman burns at least 600 calories. I weigh more than that so that is some serious calorie burning! 🙂

We went to On the Border tonight for dinner with the in laws. I love mexican food. I got the avocado grilled enchilada.  It was super spicy which is great because I only could eat half of it! Awesome! I now have lunch for tomorrow.  I’m telling you, order spicy stuff.  It makes you eat a lot less.

Food Blog 2010 fb1

Calorie Count for half: 525

Sorry the phone pictures were blurry!

OTB is right near Barnes and Noble so we went there after.  I got a skinny vanilla latte from the cafe.  I saw on the menu that they have a soy strawberries and creme frap.  Oh, I will be getting that next time.


Calorie Count: 130

I got this book on sale.  I was surprised because it just came out.  I wonder if it isn’t good.  We’ll see when I read it this summer.


I love a good rags to riches story.  I am hoping it is good.

We are watching LOST until really late tonight.  I hope answers some questions.


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Last night was a relaxing night being snowed in.  We made some No Pudge Fudge brownies with half of a marshmallow in them.  I put them in a muffin pan to keep them portion control friendly. 

Jan Recipes and such 072 Jan Recipes and such 073

Jan Recipes and such 079 Jan Recipes and such 080

Baked at 350 for about 20-25 minutes (just keep checking on them).

And we had a bottle of Trader Jose Light beer with a lime each.  Tasted just like Corona!

Jan Recipes and such 074 Jan Recipes and such 077

Jan Recipes and such 076 Jan Recipes and such 078

You know how you get the lime in the bottle? Stick your thumb in it and turn it upside down right?  Well, we found out quickly that my thumb was way too small to plug the bottle so the husband had to do it for me!

This morning I woke up and made some chocolate chip pancakes with some recipe I found on Allrecipes.  Be careful,  I think this website gave my computer a virus and we had to run a long virus scan on it this morning.  I had a bunch of trojans! ugh!

Jan Recipes and such 081 Jan Recipes and such 082

Jan Recipes and such 083 Jan Recipes and such 084

I ate a few with Skippy Super Crunch PB and the husband used Peter Pan creamy.  I hate creamy pb because I feel like a dog trying to scrap pb off of the roof of his mouth!

Both with syrup!Jan Recipes and such 085

And Zoey (unfortunately for her) got a bath this morning!

Jan Recipes and such 086  Jan Recipes and such 087

Jan Recipes and such 090 Jan Recipes and such 088

Jan Recipes and such 091 Jan Recipes and such 093

Jan Recipes and such 095She is so tortured loved.  

Here is another weekly recap of Cooking Light recipes!

Sloppy Joes with Corn

With oven wedge fries from TJ’s.

Jan Recipes and such 018Jan Recipes and such 012  Jan Recipes and such 015Jan Recipes and such 017

Sliced tomatoes with blue cheese crumbles from TJ’s.

Jan Recipes and such 011  Jan Recipes and such 010 Jan Recipes and such 016 

 Pork Chops with Carolina Rub

Jan Recipes and such 024Jan Recipes and such 023Jan Recipes and such 026 Jan Recipes and such 019 Jan Recipes and such 020 Jan Recipes and such 021   Jan Recipes and such 025 Jan Recipes and such 033

Served with broccoli slaw with blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles.   

Jan Recipes and such 029 Jan Recipes and such 030

Jan Recipes and such 031And maple baked beans Holy yum!

Jan Recipes and such 028Jan Recipes and such 034  

Jan Recipes and such 038 Jan Recipes and such 032

Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Slow Cooker Red Beans & Rice

I’m glad I bought the spicy jalapeno sausage from TJs otherwise this recipe would have been just meh. It was ok, but not my favorite.  It smelled awesome while cooking, but I was disappointed.

We snacked on this: Frank’s Red Hot and 100 calorie Jolly Time Popcorn while we waited on the Crock Pot. 

Jan Recipes and such 054 Jan Recipes and such 053

Need to get some more water in?  Add hot sauce!! Frank’s is awesome!

So there is last week’s recap.  I’m going to count the recipes in the book to see how many there are.  I am determined to make every one this year!  Since we are snowed in today, I am going to read more of “The Time Traveler’s Wife",” since I finally finished to “Twilight” series!  Those books were good, but the chapters were never ending!  I might play in the snow today too 😉

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The past few days have been a blur.  I feel like the days went by quickly, but the nights of torturous coughing have been never ending!  I went to the doctor yesterday.  I try to avoid going to the doctor at all costs.  I hate the waiting and expensiveness of it all.  I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  I was given a prescription of cough syrup that was $50! Yowzas!! And that was the generic.  I was also told to take Claritin D.

So anyway, I have made several recipes in that past couple of days.

Wednesday night consisted of Steak Sandwiches with Worcestershire Mayonnaise.

Here is the link: Yummy Steak Sandwiches! 


They were so yummy too.  Ugh that is so annoying!  Anyway, try them, you will love them.

Thursday night I made Tilapia Tacos with Peach Relish.

Here is the link: Tilapia Tacos with Peach Relish

Cooking Light 046

Cooking Light 047 

These fillets are neat because they are individually wrapped.  So if you only needed two, then you don’t have to worry about wrapping the others up.

Salsa marinating for 30 minutes…

Cooking Light 048

Tilapia cut into strips before breading…

Cooking Light 049

Panko breadcrumb mixture for breading…

Cooking Light 050

Mashing up pinto beans for the side of bean dip I made…

Cooking Light 052

With my awesome Pampered Chef mix~n~chop!!!

Cooking Light 053

Cooking Light 054

C’est fini!

Cooking Light 055

Cooking Light 056

Tonight I made Pineapple and Orange Ambrosia as dessert.*

Cooking Light 058

It needed to chill in the refrigerator so I made it first.

1 can of pineapple chunks

1 can orange slices

2 tbsp. of powdered sugar

Drain both cans of fruit and mix in sugar

Sprinkle with sweetened shredded coconut and chill for 30 minutes.

*Courtesy of Cooking Light.

Cooking Light 059

And for dinner…

Huevos Rancheros with Queso Fresco

Here is the link: Huevos Rancheros with Queso Fresco

Cooking Light 063

And check out my new cookbook holder!

Cooking Light 064

People come up with the smartest stuff!

I got it at Target.  Here is the link Love it!

Cooking Light 061

Fresh cilantro

Cooking Light 060

Pinto beans drained and rinsed

Cooking Light 066

Enchilada sauce and diced tomatoes

Cooking Light 069

Eggs= Huevos

Cooking Light 071

Flour tortilla with mashed pinto beans, sauce, egg and queso fresco goat cheese. I couldn’t find queso fresco cheese, but the cookbook said I could sub goat or feta. 

Cooking Light 074

Served with the ambrosia.

Cooking Light 075

And margaritas! Ole!

Cooking Light 065

Cooking Light 067

Cooking Light 070

Cooking Light 072

Cooking Light 073

Our good friends came over tonight with an open mind about dinner.  It was a good recipe, just different.  I think I liked the margaritas better 😉

Tonight we are watching Twilight since I finished the first two books.  I am still sick and recovering so hopefully I can stay awake for the movie!

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This morning I had this delicious breakfast:
Fall 2009 008

Almond butter and about a teaspoon of honey mixed in it.  All on a 100 calorie Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin.  They are a new try for me and they get an A+.  So far, they are awesome toasted and the almond butter +honey just made them AMAZINNNNG!

Then I had a long day at work.  Then I came home and made this quick dinner.  I found it on the hungry-girl website Hungry Girl and she made this “Frito Burrito.”  I had the ingredients so I gave it a shot.

Here is how mine went down:
One tortilla (TJ’s whole wheat)

1/3 cup veggie chili (I used Health Valley from Whole Foods-it has less sodium)

2 tablespoons TJ’s light mexican blend cheese

8 TJ’s organic corn chips

Heat tortilla in microwave for 10 seconds, then add chili (I preheated my chili per can directions), cheese and fritos.  Either fold into a wrap or burrito. I didn’t want to crush the fritos so I made a wrap.  After folding, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Fall 2009 009 Fall 2009 010 Fall 2009 011 Fall 2009 015

Fall 2009 017

Then I got this awesome package in the mail today!  The kind people at Food Should Taste Good sent me samples (okay, full size bags) of natural tortilla chips.  I received Lime, Chocolate, Yellow Corn, and Potato and Chive.  Can’t wait to review these!

Fall 2009 020 Fall 2009 018

Fall 2009 027 Fall 2009 023

Fall 2009 029 Fall 2009 034

And then this happened:

Fall 2009 037 Fall 2009 038

Zoey needs to be a part of everything 🙂

And this also happened: POM Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Fall 2009 039Fall 2009 040 

Off to catch up on The Office and read in bed!  I need some R&R after such a long day at work!

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Happy Halloween everyone!   With today being  Halloween and my love for everything pumpkin, I decided to make a pumpkin smoothie.

pics2009 535

The recipe:

1 1/4 cup unsweetened TJ’s soymilk

1/4 cup organic canned pumpkin (do not use pumpkin pie filling)

1 container (6oz) of Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie yogurt

 (I had one left and I figured it would taste better mixed with other things)

1 tablespoon agave nectar

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

a splash (maybe a tablespoon?) of fat free vanilla coffee creamer

4-5 icecubes

It is very very pumpkin-y.  Which I love.  The husband wasn’t a fan, but that is just because  he is jealous of pumpkin and I’s relationship 😉

pics2009 525

pics2009 526

pics2009 531

pics2009 534

pics2009 536

Check out the other pumpkin finds in my house:

pics2009 522

I got this plate at Kirkland’s yesterday for $5.  pics2009 523

pics2009 489

pics2009 394

And this little one is excited about our first trick or treaters at our home!

pics2009 335

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!

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POM Wonderful

I put in a request to try out some of POM Wonderful’s products and got this in return

pics2009 448

pics2009 455

A case of POM Wonderful and some great health/product information from Kristen at POM Wonderful! Yay!

So I tried it and it is awesome.  Here are a few highlights from the information that was sent to me:

pics2009 458

“All natural and contains no added sugars, preservatives, colors or other cheap filler juices.”

“We grow our own fruit, pick it by hand, squeeze it with our own proprietary presses and even manufacture our own bottles!”

Pom Wonderful has wonderful health benefits such as “cardivascular health, prostate health, erectile function, and antioxident potency.”

Under the antioxident blurb this was stated “Hundreds of scientific tests also show POM to be a superior source of antioxidents, with more and better antioxidents than red wine, grape juice, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, green tea, vitamin C and vitamin E.”

If you want a healthier juice, that is backed by science, I highly recommend this product!

Also check out this awesome drink I made:

pics2009 426

Albero Sparkling White Wine from Trader Joes and POM Wonderful. About one part juice to three parts wine.

pics2009 428

pics2009 429

pics2009 430

pics2009 446

pics2009 434

pics2009 439

The juice mixed with the sparkling wine was just a great combination!  I see me mixing it with sparking water in the future!

I am going to go enjoy my juice.  I can’t wait to try more of their products!  There is an iced coffee I’d love to review as well 😉 (Feel free to send me anything you like Kristen). 

For more information about their health benefits and products visit www. pomwonderful.com

I am so glad that I have recieved such an awesome/health conscious product.  If you drink juice or want to try something that’s better for you, get some POM Wonderful products!

PRODUCT GIVEAWAY: Post a comment and get put in for a drawing for a POM Wonderful prize!


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What a tangled web…

Tonight it was this yummy pizza idea.  Spinach and margarita pizza from TJ’s.  Wednesday’s are our usually easy day of eating.  It is hump day and we are both exhausted. I, thankfully, do not have to be into work until 10 tomorrow. 

I will probably pricing brake pads.  My front driver’s side is squeaking every time I break.  ugh!  I hate car trouble.  There is no getting out of car trouble when you need a car everyday to drive to and from work.  Brakes are just one of those things that you cannot live without! 

While I was waiting for the pizza to cook, I skimmed through the newest issue of Cooking Light.

pics2009 396

Then it was pizza time!

pics2009 397pics2009 398

We also had a little organic creamy ranch on the side.

pics2009 400

And of course, with pizza, comes beer!  It was pumpkin beer!  There is a special place in my heart for anything PUMPKIN!

pics2009 395pics2009 394pics2009 399

It was from Trader Joe’s and was so yummy.  I am partial to light beers, but this was really good. 

Then we saw the worst creatures outside.  SPIDERS!  SO GROSS!

pics2009 406

There were two with huge webs by our front door. Yuck!

Luckily, the husband came to the rescue!

pics2009 408

He knocked them down with our outdoor broom. Thank goodness.  We usually go out the garage door, otherwise we would have noticed sooner.

Tonight we are watching Glee and doing laundry (boring).  Then I am going to read some more of Lovely Bones and go to sleep.  I didn’t sleep very well last night.  It was one of those nights were I saw the clock every 30 minutes. Can’t  wait to catch up on sleep!

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