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White tea+agave=yum!

So I have recently discovered white tea.  I love warm tea on cold nights.  White is the least processed tea which means it holds more nutrients than other types of tea.  White tea benefits include a high amount of antioxidants, cancer prevention, healthy teeth and gums, stress reduction and skin health.  I have found a new love for drinking tea a night.  It is great for winding down and getting warm right before bed. 

I am also trying a new sweetener.  Agave light nectar is similar to honey and is great for sweetening my tea.  I have not perfected it in my morning coffee yet, but I am working on it. Sometimes Splenda (I still use it often) and other artificial sweeteners can leave a slight bitter taste.  Agave nectar takes care of this. 

The best part of it is when you get a little that did not mix in the tea (as in on the side of your cup) and you get to taste just the syrup!  Many people rave about agave nectar in that it is way better for you than other sweeteners.  It has about the same number of calories as other sweeteners, but it is sweet, so you don’t need as much.

This is how I drank my new finds last night!


I am probably going to drink some more tonight and read some more of this:


I’m just starting it and I’m already hooked!  Have a good night!


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