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Sorry I have been MIA for 2 days, the cold caught up to me and I have been feeling blah lately.  So here is a recap:


For breakfast I had a sandwich thin with almond butter and honey.

Food Blog May 29 001

Calorie Count: 195

For lunch I had left over fajitas. 

 Food Blog May 29 003

Food Blog May 29 002

100 calorie cheese its, 100 calorie doritos ( I can’t remember if I ate both of these or not)

Calorie Count: maybe 500?

I went to work and then to a bridal shower (at work) and then out for margaritas. Whew, it was a busy day.  The bridal shower was so cute!  It was princess themed.  Our music teacher at work is getting married in June.  She is a very sweet girl and I couldn’t be happier for her.  Also, I won two games!  I won a sticker book and cute magnetic notepad and then a candle from Ulta.

Food Blog May 29 021

There was a princess castle cake.  It was huge and so were the pieces.  I only ate about half of mine.  It was pretty rich.  Then my coworker and I went out for margaritas and twisted chips (not pictured appetizer).

May 29

It is getting to be the end of the year and we are getting excited about the summer.  So of course, margaritas were in order.  Then I brought the hubby home some cake and of course I ate some more of it.  Cake for dinner? Oh well, moving on.

Food Blog May 29 004

Side Note: Speaking of candles…I love love love them.  Yankee Candles are my favorite.   We went into the Yankee Candle store after dinner and I got a cute candle holder for my desk at work.  It is a bee which is perfect because our mascot is a bee. 

Food Blog May 29 022

I bought “Dune Grass” tealights to put in it.  I also bought a “Sweet Honeysuckle” candle (the smell is heavenly!) and “Ocean Blossom.”  I have a beach themed guest bathroom so it will probably go in there.  I could stay in that store forever trying to make a decision!  Apparently I was taking too long because the husband went and found a bench to sit on.

Food Blog May 29 020

Last night we ate at Kanki Japanese Steakhouse.  It is one of those places with the dinner show.  The chef does cute things like the “volcano” where he layers rings of onions and lights the top on fire and he drops the butter from up in the air and says “butterfly” – get it?  I love corny stuff like that.

At Kanki we both got the steak special and bogo sushi.  I love sushi and I am so glad I introduced Brandon to it.  It is just one of those foods you have to try.  I could eat it every day. We got the deep sea roll and the volcano roll.  Spicyyyyy! And so good!

may292 may293 may294


I forgot to take a picture of the steak, but I will tomorrow when I eat the leftovers!

For Friday’s breakfast I had a sandwich thin with almond butter and honey

Calorie Count: 195

For lunch I made a salad with blue cheese and ff balsamic dressing.

Food Blog May 29 005

Calorie Count: 105

I also packed a WW yogurt that I didn’t eat and leftover cake.

Food Blog May 29 006

And a Sobe Lifewater

Food Blog May 29 007

There is the recap! Hope you had a good 2 days!


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