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Here is a recap from dinner Sunday to today




Food Blog May 30 004 Food Blog May 30 005

Food Blog May 30 006 Food Blog May 30 011

Food Blog May 30 014 Food Blog May 30 015

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Calorie Count: n/a



Food Blog May 30 001

Calorie Count: 185

Snack after Body Pump (-600+ calories)

Food Blog May 30 026

Calorie Count: 165


McDonald’s’ Dollar Menu (best cure after beer!)

McDouble and Fries (not pictured)

Calorie Count: 505

Dinner: Chili’s Margarita Chicken and a few tortilla chips (I didn’t touch the skillet queso and ordered salsa instead!-go me!)

May 31 may 31 2

Calorie Count: 530

Kiddie Cup of icecream (not pictured)

Calorie Count: n/a

Total for Monday: 1550 – 600 for body pump + kiddie cup of icecream


Breakfast: Banana and half of a Clip Mojo PB Pretzel Bar

Food Blog May 31 004

Calorie Count: 205

Snack: WW Key Lime Yogurt and string cheese

Food Blog May 29 006

This is an old picture.  I just wanted to show the yogurt.

Calorie Count: 150

Lunch: Shrimp with Pasta and Vegetables, 100 calorie pack of Dorito’s and Cheese Its

Food Blog May 31 002

And a few pieces of cucumber from the garden.  One piece was not good (past its date?) and I was done with them.  Bleh!

Food Blog May 31 001

Food Blog May 31 003

and my zero calorie drinks.

Calorie Count: 460

Dinner: We got to preview the new Chick- fil-a spicy chicken sandwich! We brought our invitations and got free meals!! Woo hoo! It was spicy and awesome!

We had fries with it and a diet Dr. Pepper.  Chick -fil-a has the best ice and the best diet dr. pepper!  I get it every time I go 🙂

june 1 june 1 2

may 31 3

Calorie Count: 870- ouch! but it was a special occasion!

For dessert:

Food Blog May 25 016

Calorie Count: 100

Total Calorie Count: 1785


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