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I slept so good in our bed last night. Don’t get me wrong, the air mattress at Mamal’s was fine, but there is nothing like your own bed.  This morning I made some coffee using my new Bodum French Press.  I used my coffee pot to heat the water.  I really need a tea pot. 

Christmas 2009 156

Christmas 2009 157

Christmas 2009 158

Christmas 2009 159 

Christmas 2009 160

The coffee was just meh.  I like mine a little stronger so I have to mess with it more to make the perfect cup.

I also made these.  They must only sell these up North.  I’ve never seen them down here.  We used to eat them all the time as kids. 

Christmas 2009 161

The husband didn’t really like the bite I gave him.  He doesn’t know good hot cereal when he sees it 😉

Christmas 2009 162

I am a huge fan of their consistency and texture.  And the fact that they are chocolate!!!

We are going to Cary today to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and Target.  Then hanging around until my parents stop by to see our new house for a few minutes.


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