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Vanilla Pudding Éclair

Fall 2009 064

You will need:
One box of  nilla wafers

two 3.4oz boxes of instant vanilla pudding

four cups cold milk (I used one percent)

one tub Cool Whip Free

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

One 8×8 dish

Fall 2009 051

Mix together milk and pudding and then stir in Cool Whip Free

Fall 2009 052

Start with a layer of 16 nilla wafers

Fall 2009 053

Add a row of pudding mixture

Fall 2009 054

Repeat until you have about 4 layers of wafers ending with wafers on top

Fall 2009 056

Refrigerate for four hours or until well set

Fall 2009 058 

Melt chocolate chips in a small saucer (I eyeballed two tablespoons, this much will not end up on your pudding)

Drizzle method: Take melted chocolate chips and spoon them into a corner of a baggie.  Cut the smallest tip you can at the end (creates an icing bag)

Fall 2009 059

And then this happens 🙂

Fall 2009 062

I didn’t do the prettiest job with the drizzling, but it tastes so good, who cares? 😉

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