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How to eat pomegranate

I have heard a lot about pomegranate, but until last year I was nervous to buy it.  How do I cut it?  Which part of it do I eat?  The first time I bought it, it was a disaster. I had it all over my shirt.  So I did some research online and found that a lot of people cut it and then put it in water while removing the seeds. This prevents the juice from going everywhere and makes seed removal/separation from the “skin” very easy.

I cut mine in fours and then put all of the pieces in water to remove the seeds.

Pomegranate whole

Pomegranate halves

This was later cut into fours and then I removed all of the seeds with my hands and got this.

Pomegranate seeds

Once you remove the outside and the “skin” this is what you are left with. Wonderful red seeds.  This is the part that you eat.  At first they are different, but eat a few more and you will be surprised. They are even husband approved!


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