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Easy Italian Chicken

Tonight I wanted something quick and easy.  I was so tired from work and decided on this:

Fall 2009 094

Cook chicken until almost done.  During the last few minutes of cooking add a tablespoon of Newman’s Own Italian dressing to each side.

Fall 2009 092

Finished product:

Fall 2009 097

Fall 2009 098

See how easy that was? 😉

I served mine with kale chips and a caesar salad that was made of romaine lettuce, two tablespoons of caesar dressing and a little shredded cheese.

Fall 2009 090

Fall 2009 091

Fall 2009 093 

Fall 2009 096

Volume = more full and less calories! 🙂

Food Description WW Points
100 calorie Arnold flat 1
Almond butter and honey 1.5
leftover ratatouille and polenta 6
yogurt 3
grapes 1
chicken with dressing 5
kale chips 0
caesar salad 1
Total: 18.5

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This morning I went to Harris Teeter for triple coupons.  I spent $44 and saved $42! Woo hoo!  I love saving almost as much as I spend.  I have been clipping coupons forever for the anticipation of triples.  I was so excited that I forgot to eat breakfast.  Who does that?

Okay so I admit, I have been eating a bunch of garbage lately.  Milkshakes (not pictured and things like chicken tenders and bbq).  Time to whip my butt back in shape! 

For lunch today I made myself (it took a while) a healthy meal.

I made kale chips

Fall 2009 034

This AWESOME sandwich with a piece of turkey, fresh spinach, and a piece of muenster cheese melted on a 100 calorie Arnold flat bread in my toaster oven.

Fall 2009 037

Then I added some TJ’s white bean and basil hummus.

Fall 2009 036

Fall 2009 035

Fall 2009 038

Fall 2009 041

Fall 2009 046

Fall 2009 049

Ate with a sweet potato, light butter and brown sugar.

Fall 2009 048

I ate about half of the sweet potato and saved the other for lunch tomorrow.

Total Weight Watchers Points (just to check in):

Food Description WW Points
Kale 0
1/2 sweet potato 2
100 calorie Arnold FB 1
Spinach 0
Hummus 1
Cheese 2
Turkey 1
Total: 7

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Eatin’ Local

Today I went to Trader Joe’s and the farmer’s market.  I rarely go to the farmer’s market because it is a little bit of a drive out there.  Since I had a really crappy week this week at work, I decided I needed a good drive. 

Fall 2009 029 

I love how country people are there.  The fact that they farm as their job and come out to the farmer’s market to sell their stuff, sometimes at 5am, is awesome!  They are such hard workers and I love supporting what they do.

Fall 2009 033

There are so many farms close to where we live.  That’s one of the reasons I love living in North Carolina.  We still have rural places around us and down home country people.  

Fall 2009 031

Fall 2009 030

I looked around and got items from Willow Spring, NC (where we live), Meadow (pronounced Medda) and other farms in Johnston Country.

This is what I picked up:

Fall 2009 005

Fall 2009 007

Fall 2009 008

Eggplant, kale, spinach, two zucchinis, two pieces of yeller squash four sweet potatoes, and an eggplant.  I am trying to explore different vegetables and greens and incorporate more veggies in our lives.

I read Kath’s blog every day.  KERF I decided to make her kale chips.

I took one of the pieces of kale and broke the leaves off of the big stem into bite size pieces.  I put some aluminum foil on my pan (for easier clean up) and rinsed my kale pieces (always rinse your veggies and fruit no matter where it comes from!).  I laid them flat on the pan and then drizzled a little EVOO on them.  I them sprinkled sea salt and a little parmesan cheese on them.  The oven was preheated to 375 per Kath and baked for about 10minutes?  I didn’t set the timer and just waited until they looked crispy.  I served them with ketchup (my love) and tried them out. 

Fall 2009 009

Fall 2009 020

Fall 2009 023 

 Fall 2009 024

Fall 2009 026

Fall 2009 027

They were awesome.  Just like thin potato chips!  I loved them and the taste of the greens was very mild.  The salt sprinkles are parmesan were a great addition and I can see myself adding other seasonings in addition to them in the future.

Thanks Kath for the awesome idea!

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