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some basil from my garden! I told the husband this while walking out the door.  I love love love having a garden even if it is in pots. 

Food Blog May June 2 006 

I also picked another cucumber 🙂

 Food Blog May June 2 007       

Tonight was penne pasta with tomato basil marinara sauce (I had to make alfredo for the husband since he doesn’t like “red sauce”).  I made salads with a lettuce mix, blue cheese and I had fat free balsamic vinaigrette, and the husband had ranch (picky much?).  Anyway…

3/4 uncooked penne (serving size)= 1 cup cooked penne

Food Blog May June 2 004

Italian Chicken Sausage (5 links)/ 5 servings

Food Blog May June 2 001Food Blog May June 2 002

Food Blog May June 2 010Food Blog May June 2 009

1/2 cup marinara sauce

Food Blog May June 2 003Food Blog May June 2 008

Food Blog May June 2 013Food Blog May June 2 014

salad with ff dressing and blue cheese (40 calories)

Food Blog May June 2 012

Calorie Count: 430

I also hard boiled 6 eggs for quick protein.  70 calories per egg.  Boiled like this: How to make the best hard boiled eggs

Food Blog May June 2 005Food Blog May June 2 011

I then went to Body Pump.  Surprisingly, my dinner didn’t feel like a rock in my stomach! The squat track was super hard tonight.  My quads are still burning!

-600 calories

Before dinner, around 3, I had a cup of red pitted cherries.  Eating them like this is easy because you can put the stem and pit back in the cup.

June 2 10June 2 11 

Calorie Count: about 84

I finished the night off with satisfying a killer chocolate craving!

Food Blog May June 2 015Food Blog May June 2 016     

180 calories per 1/2 cup

Calorie Count: 180

Total Calories today: 1254

Notice that I do not subtract the amount of calories I burn during class from my calorie intake.  It just makes me aware of it.  It also makes me feel like I can have treats because I worked out.  Not because “I deserve it,” but because I burned calories and can eat more calories.  I hate when people get into the “I deserve it” mindset.  It gets you into trouble.  You shouldn’t eat like a pig because you think you “deserve it” after working out, but you can eat portioned treats and enjoy yourself without guilt.


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Easy Italian Chicken

Tonight I wanted something quick and easy.  I was so tired from work and decided on this:

Fall 2009 094

Cook chicken until almost done.  During the last few minutes of cooking add a tablespoon of Newman’s Own Italian dressing to each side.

Fall 2009 092

Finished product:

Fall 2009 097

Fall 2009 098

See how easy that was? 😉

I served mine with kale chips and a caesar salad that was made of romaine lettuce, two tablespoons of caesar dressing and a little shredded cheese.

Fall 2009 090

Fall 2009 091

Fall 2009 093 

Fall 2009 096

Volume = more full and less calories! 🙂

Food Description WW Points
100 calorie Arnold flat 1
Almond butter and honey 1.5
leftover ratatouille and polenta 6
yogurt 3
grapes 1
chicken with dressing 5
kale chips 0
caesar salad 1
Total: 18.5

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Wearing my soft jeans

Ugh I am a big bloated whale today.  Wearing my soft American Eagle jeans because they are definately the most comfortable jeans I own. 

I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and waited for lunch.  I wasn’t really that hungry so I held out.  The husband wanted McDonald’s so I went after my trip to the dreaded Wal-Mart.  I had some coupons for some make up and that is the closest place by.  Turns out they didn’t have two of the things I wanted but I did get some pretty Neutrogena lip gloss in First Blush.

I got a Big Mac and small fries for the husband and I got a Southwest Salad with grilled chicken.  Well, I thought it was a Southwest salad until I got it and the sticker on the salad said “Bacon Ranch,” but it had the southwest dressing and chicken with it.  It had bacon, so I ate around it and only used half of the dressing packet.  I had checked the bag too, and saw the Southwest dressing and thought I was good.   The salad was good, and his big mac looked good as well.  We are going to On the Border tonight so I didn’t want to spend a lot of calories on lunch.

The Southwest Bacon Ranch Salad DSC_0139

It is now 3:37pm and I am considering a little snack so that I am not starving by the time we eat dinner at 5.  I am off of work Tuesday because my boss has a meeting or something so it is Cleaning Spree 2009 in my house!  The husband will be at work so I can turn on my radio and really clean the house.  We are doing like 6 loads of laundry today so hopefully I won’t have to do any on Tuesday.

I am thinking of fajitas tonight so I can split it in half and have some for lunch tomorrow…

Hope you guys have a good rest of the weekend!

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