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So tonight is going to be sad.  LOST is airing for the last time.  Brandon first introduced me to LOST when we were dating.  We watched all of the seasons together.  Every episode.  So tonight is the end of one of our favorite shows.  Hopefully it leaves me a little less confused.

Let’s rewind to today. Two words:  Carb overload.

This morning I had one of my Mamal’s famous rolls.  My parents brought them down on their way back from Ohio where my grandparents live. 

Here is a picture of my yummy breakfast:

Food Blog May 23 002

I only ate one of those rolls BTW. 

This is what dreams are made of…

Food Blog May 23 001

Oh yeah.  Found this at Kroger. Holy yum!

Food Blog May 23 005 

Heated up for 10 seconds then the chocolate heaven was added.  Delish!

Food Blog May 23 006 

Sidebar: Last night we went to the mall and I got this rug at Kirkland’s for $10!!! Love it! 🙂

Food Blog May 23 007

After the mall we ate at Mellow Mushroom.  Hands down the best pizza I have ever had.  I love that place.

I got a small mega veggie (hold the black olives) and the husband got the small hawaiian.

Food Blog May 23 009

It has onions, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, banana peppers, cheese, tofu, and sauce.  Soooooooo good.

After breakfast I lounged around with these guys. 

Food Blog May 23 008

I read my “Health” magazine while eating pizza. Don’t judge 😉

We did some laundry and then I went to RPM (spinning class).

Total brain fart! Most of my gym classes start at a 30. As in 3:30, 4:30, 5:30…

Except on Sundays when class starts at 3! D’oh! So I went a half hour early.

I worked out on the elliptical and arc trainer (super tough, but burned way more calories than the elliptical). I did a mile in 12 minutes. Not too shabby for someone who never works out on an elliptical.

I then had my hour spinning class. It was pretty tough.  We had a lot of “climbing the mountain” moments in class today.  What’s awesome of that class is that a 120 pound woman burns at least 600 calories. I weigh more than that so that is some serious calorie burning! 🙂

We went to On the Border tonight for dinner with the in laws. I love mexican food. I got the avocado grilled enchilada.  It was super spicy which is great because I only could eat half of it! Awesome! I now have lunch for tomorrow.  I’m telling you, order spicy stuff.  It makes you eat a lot less.

Food Blog 2010 fb1

Calorie Count for half: 525

Sorry the phone pictures were blurry!

OTB is right near Barnes and Noble so we went there after.  I got a skinny vanilla latte from the cafe.  I saw on the menu that they have a soy strawberries and creme frap.  Oh, I will be getting that next time.


Calorie Count: 130

I got this book on sale.  I was surprised because it just came out.  I wonder if it isn’t good.  We’ll see when I read it this summer.


I love a good rags to riches story.  I am hoping it is good.

We are watching LOST until really late tonight.  I hope answers some questions.


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Friday funday

I got my hair colored all over today, not just halo highlights like the usual.  It is darker for the fall and I love it.  I went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and got some good deals.  They have this coupon flyer called “The Whole Deal” and it has lots of good coupons in it.  I have fun new things to try! I really stuck to the coupons, because Whole Foods can get pricey if you don’t watch it. 

We went to Kanki Japanese Steakhouse where they had a steak special for $9.99 and its usually at least $16.  It was delicious.  We then walked around the mall a bit and went to Barnes and Noble. I didn’t have my eye on anything, but the husband got the new Dan Brown book.  We both got something from Starbucks.  I got a skinny pumpkin spice latte meaning fat free milk and no whipped topping.  I didn’t even miss it.  Why not cut calories where you can?  I need to do this more!!


The loot from Whole Foods.


This is a cute funny from last Sunday’s paper that is staying on my fridge.  Something to keep in mind when going for something to eat!


Zoey decided to sit by the tub while I put up laundry.  She is just too cute!


I made some peanut butter cookies.  I substituted white wheat flour for regular while, light butter for regular, organic brown sugar for dark brown sugar…

They are delicious!  Here is the original recipe that I modified: http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1924647


I got impatient for dinner so I didn’t let them cool enough and a few cracked. Oh well, still delicious!

Before: I just woke up, sorry the pic is a little blurry!DSC_0117DSC_0135

This is after.  I was hot and put my hair up.  It is definately darker, but I really like it!  I am off to watch tv/fall asleep while doing so. 

Tomorrow is supposed to rain during the football game.  I really do not want to do anything tomorrow, but sleep.  Oh well, I’ll make it.

Excited to try new food items! Have a good night!

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