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I love October!

October is by far one of my favorite months.  I love the pumpkins, hay rides and Halloween decorations.  The temperature is perfect and there are so many fun activities.

Oh, and did I mention pumpkins??!!  I love love love everything with pumpkin. Pumpkin butter, cheesecake, beer, pancakes, yogurt…etc!  It is so delicious and canned pumpkin is so good for you! Libby’s is the best.  

Today I went to Whole Foods and TJ’s per usual on Fridays.  I love getting good deals with my coupons on pricey items at Whole Foods.   For lunch today I had Thai Kitchen Roasted Garlic and Vegetable instant rice noodle soup.  It is 170 calories, 2g of fat and 0 fiber (kind of sad about that). It was good for lunch if you are watching your portions. 



The weather is beautiful outside.  At the beginning of the week, it was nothing but tiring rain.  I am happy to see some sun for the weekend.  I am not sure what the husband and I are doing tonight, but I’ll keep ya updated!


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